July 16, 2024


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Types Of Computer Hardware: Basics 101

Types Of Computer Hardware: Basics 101

The personal computer consists of multiple computer hardware or multiple devices linked together to create a whole working machine. Some of the hardware are external such as keyboards, printers and mouse that is connected via cable or other methods. These hardware need to be installed via a software program before it can run. They increase the efficiency of the personal computer, and do tasks such as business, design, entertainment and more. Here are the main types of computer hardware that you can buy for your PC.

1. Hard drive – also called hard disk, it is the permanent storage space that stores all information and applications of the computer, retaining the space even when it is turned off.

2. Motherboard – Considered as the most important types of computer hardware. The motherboard houses the microprocessor, providing the necessary sockets and slots that connect to all other types of computer hardware. Thus the motherboard serves as the ‘mediator’, a channel that allows the components to work together and walk to each other, making it a whole and completely working unit.

3. RAM – short for Random Access Memory. It is the memory used to process applications. RAM is lost when the computer is turned off.

4. ROM – short for Read Only Memory. It serves as memory for storage of programs.

5. Storage Devices – External storage devices like CDs, DVDs, USB flash drives are important as removable storage devices that you can take from one personal computer to another.

6. Power Supply Unit (PSU) – this converts the AC power to low voltage DC power, integral for the internal components of the PC.

7. Sound Card – responsible for the PC’s audio input and output, necessary for games, music and other multimedia programs.

8. Keyboard – an input device used to input text & characters by pressing the keys.

9. Mouse – pointing device that detects two-dimensional motion to the surface. Other pointing devices include the track ball, the touch pad and the touch screen.

10. Joystick – a gaming device with a handheld stick that pivots from left to right and up to down, detecting angles in two and three dimensions.

11. Image input devices – includes scanners and web cams, these devices are used to provide input of images, written text, handwriting, etc for digital use.

12. Image output devices – the printer, used to produce a physical and permanent text or graphic document.

13. Audio input devices – the microphone is used to record or provide input through sound conversion to electrical signals.

14. Audio output devices – headphones and speakers that allows you to hear the audio coming from the computer.

15. Monitor – the monitor is an electronic visual display that shows the graphical and textual information of the computer. There are may types of monitors, such as the CRT (Cathode Ray Tube), which is almost obsolete, the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) which is the most common monitor used nowadays, and the touch screen display.

All these types of computer hardware can contribute to the overall experience of your computer. It can make your computer faster, brighter and more entertaining. Some of the computer hardware are necessary for your PC to work, while others amplifies the whole experience.