July 16, 2024


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Exam SK0-002 – CompTIA Server Plus 2005 Exam Objectives and Guidelines

Exam SK0-002 – CompTIA Server Plus 2005 Exam Objectives and Guidelines

Exam SK0-002 is one of the CompTIA’s certification examinations and the name of this exam is CompTIA server plus 2005. This certification is designed for the IT professionals who wish to gain skill as well as technical knowledge in advanced server hardware that includes SCSI, RAID, multiple SAN’s as well as CPU’s. By passing this examination, candidates can earn CompTIA’s server plus 2005 certification. This examination can be said as the vendor neutral mid level exam that helps the candidates to certify with higher level certifications like MCSA, CCNP etc.

Prerequisites and target audience for this examination:

Though there are no prerequisites required for writing this examination, CompTIA recommends the candidates to have their network plus or A plus certification with them before applying to this exam. This certification mainly targets the IT professionals who are having their work experience of at least 18 to 24 months in the field of planning, installing, maintaining servers, configuration, knowledge of server hardware level implementations, data recovery, I/O sub- systems and data storage sub- systems etc.

Job roles:

IT professionals who successfully certify with this certification can apply for various job roles included in this certification. Some of the job roles are system administrator, IT technician and server administrator etc.

Exam preparation sections:

The following are the exam SK0-002 preparation sections that would help the candidates to practice for the exam:

1) Installation of the motherboard

2) Installation as well as removal of memory modules in the motherboard

3) Identifying the computer part’s name and their purposes as well as its characteristics

4) Installation of some add on cards such as sound card, display card, internet modem etc on the motherboard.

5) Identification of various components in the motherboard that includes floppy disk controller, hard disk controller etc.