July 18, 2024


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The Future Chip Design

The Future Chip Design

The sales of semiconductor reaches three hundred billion in the second half of 2010, and the computer and cell phone take sixty percent. However, this format is changing gradually, for example, the sales of desktop has little growth. It is worthwhile to note that the economic situation driven the application of DRAM and FLASH, especially in the consumer application field. As the technology platform of the automobile and plane, the electric design will be improved in the future.

Currently, more and more functions are condensed in the smaller products, especially in consumer application field. The integrated chip and mainboard design will increase in 2011. The system will make the old problems happen again. In 2011, there will be more and more design estimating the architecture, optimizing the electric allocation and performance.

According to the planning of the ITRS, the cost of SOC design will reach one million US dollars in the future three years. Two-thirds of the cost comes from the study of embedded software, and the cost of manpower is obvious. The traditional chip is independent, which is different from the embedded software. The embedded software takes large ratio of the chip design.

The embedded software can influence of the power consumption in the chip design easily. The designers were unable to estimate the power consumption in the past. The integrated design and test of the embedded software and hardware strengthens the function of analysis, so many problems can be solved. With the development of virtualization, many integrated systems are developing towards the virtualization. Obviously, relying on the embedded software is not enough. Therefore the modeling function is added by the high-level electric systems, which is used to balance the contradiction between power consumption and performance. The integration between the software and hardware will have huge energy saving effect. The related integrated circuit is EVM3ESX50BY3.