July 18, 2024


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Mini Laptop Computers – Three Tips on Mini Notebook Laptops

Mini Laptop Computers – Three Tips on Mini Notebook Laptops

When you are in the process of buying a small travel computer, I have a view tips in this short article.

Tip 1

The laptop size is important. As you are a CPA it is very useful to have a 17″ inch screen. For normal email, MSN or Skype use, a small screen is more than enough. The power of the new mini laptops increased dramatically.

Tip 2

If you select a mini laptop you should review the comments of users. For instance the service of Acer is much better than from Asus. Acer has a far more friendly service department. For a little bit more money Apple with their Apple Care Program offers you the utmost reliability if it service related.

Tip 3

With the strict cargo regulation of airlines nowadays the little computer is very useful, because of its weight and size you can put it in your hand luggage.

With the quality of the screen and the speed of the processor you can easily see a movie on a continental flight.

With an extended battery you have up to six hours of computer use, so next to the video you can do also some work aboard the plane.

On the keyboard: For all the netbook computers it is too small. It is a matter of training your fingers to be familiar with the small keys and slightly different layout.

You make more errors regardless your typing capability. I advise you to use one of those small traveling mouses, as the mouse pad on the keyboard is a real hassle.

The best in class keyboard is the Apple Macbook Air.

There is a lot more to say about the new very popular small computers, but as often is said ‘word of mouth’ is the most important reference guide.