July 16, 2024


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Benefits of HTML Emails Over Text Emails

Benefits of HTML Emails Over Text Emails

We have all heard the saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” However, if the cover looks boring it’s not as likely that we will read it as if the book cover is designed in an appealing way. The same thing goes for email marketers and those who are interested in having their emails read should use html emails over text emails every single day. In fact, sending text emails when there is so much technology and simply amazing graphics that could be utilized to one’s advantage just doesn’t make sense. That’s why if you want your email marketing campaign to be successful you need to send HTML emails. The following are just a couple of the benefits HTML emails have over text emails. You should keep this in mind when you begin your email marketing campaign so you truly make the most of your campaign.


First of all, HTML simply changes the look of your email. We all will read and click on links when we see a visually appealing email. When there is HTML within an email that looks interesting and that makes the topic at hand seem interesting then it will grab our attention. In fact, html is all about grabbing attention and redirecting it to where you want it to go. Now, text emails are nothing more than black and white words on words. This won’t grab your attention and in fact readers will be have to be overly dedicated to reading everything that arrives in their inbox to even give it two glances. As an email marketer your goal is to have every email read by every subscriber. This is a big goal and one you may not ever reach, but it is important to strive to reach the goal simply because more readers equals more money. Remember, HTML will keep your readers checking out what you have to offer while text emails will make you look left in the past.

Product Connection

Another benefit of HTML is that the html can create a connection to the product or service being sold. This is really important because increasing sales it what an email marketer works for. Without increasing subscribers and having them check out your newsletters and other emails then you won’t be very successful at this job. HTML emails can help you become more successful and they are definitely worthwhile. The reason that HTML works so well over text is because they allow for a product connection to be made between the product and the graphic. With plain text emails this simply isn’t an option!