July 21, 2024


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Asus Laptops For Students on a Budget

Asus Laptops For Students on a Budget

If your student at University than having a computer is usually top the list of student equipment. Nowadays almost every student has a laptop of some sort. Laptops are ideal for students several reasons:

  • Easier transportation from home to your dorm room
  • Easy to take two lectures and take notes rather than scribbling them down in a notebook
  • Easy to take to study groups with your friends where you can consolidate notes in one place
  • Easy to take with you to the library or wherever you go to study or revise for exams

One of the biggest advantages to the laptops of today is price. Most students don’t have the budget to buy a full-blown top of the range laptop. They simply need a machine that will allow them to take notes, go on the Internet to check e-mail or research, run a few applications etc.

The best low-priced, portable and functional laptops might seem students are the Asus EEE PC range. You can usually buy a good model for under $400. This model will either come with Linux or Windows XP installed. This range of laptop will meet the needs of most students. Some students may be taking courses that require the use of more processor and graphics intensive applications. For example someone studying 3-D art will most likely be required to learn a program like Maya or a student learning how to program may require a faster processor so that his programs may compile quicker stop. In that case you may want to increase your budget in the 80 laptop with a dedicated 3-D graphics card and a processor that is either dual core Quad core.