July 23, 2024


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What Is Spyware And Malware?

What Is Spyware And Malware?

Many people associate spyware with viruses. While it’s true that much spyware shares similar characteristics with viruses, there is a key difference. Viruses were originally created to destroy the computer’s ability to function. Later on, they became the tool by which online thieves could steal identities. In almost all instances, the owner of the computer was aware that a serious problem existed. All that changed with spyware and malware.

What is Spyware and Malware?

Spyware is different because it attempts to accomplish some of the same goals of a virus without being detected; it’s more subtle. While spyware doesn’t seek to destroy the computer’s functionality, it may collect data about you. Again, even the data may be less harmful than that necessary to steal your identity. In fact, much spyware works to secretly deliver advertising to your computer and install toolbars.

Why do People Make Spyware and Malware Programs?

Why would any computer programmer want to secretly install toolbars and deliver advertising instead of stealing your identity? Well, it’s very simple. The motivation is still profit. However, hackers are getting smarter about how they profit. They know that destroying your credit and stealing your identity not only comes with heavy penalties including jail time, but it’s also tantamount to killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

Instead of completely targeting one individual and wiping out their finances, modern hackers are spreading spyware that pays them a small amount, often only a few cents, for each advertisement delivered. Spyware and malware is easier to deliver to victim computers because most users don’t protect from spyware and malware. That means the hackers can profit by spreading the malicious program over many more computers.

The Effects of Spyware on Your Computer:

You may be tempted to say, “Hey, if they’re not bothering me, and it’s not coming from my personal finances, then why should I care?” Well, it’s true that most malware and spyware won’t completely destroy your computer. However, your computer can become very crippled without spyware protection. You’ll notice the effects at first as a general slowdown in everything you do. After a while, your computer may not respond for long periods of time. It may even crash your computer over and over. Essentially, spyware makes it so you can’t effectively use your computer because the spyware is using it instead.

Spyware Protection and Defense:

In order to protect from spyware and malware, you should get a program specifically made for catching and protecting your PC from spyware and various dangerous malware. While most anti-virus programs detect some spyware, they won’t catch all of it because they’re more specifically focused on viruses (which requires a slightly different approach). But a dedicated spyware program will give you total spyware and malware protection. Try out PC Spyware Protection made by Atanium Software which has an excellent anti spyware product spyware protection and defense called PC Spyware Protection.