July 23, 2024


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Using Neuro Linguistic Programming to Create a Life of Serenity, Results and Balance

Using Neuro Linguistic Programming to Create a Life of Serenity, Results and Balance

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP?

Instead of giving you the technical breakdown of what the long phrase Neuro Linguistic Programming (also commonly referred to as NLP) is, I’ll give you the definition in a more understandable version. NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, which is turn means “Using the language of the mind or nervous system to consistently and efficiently create your desired results in life”. The term “neuro” is used because it refers to your nervous system. The term “linguistic” is used because it refers to the language or other non-verbal communication through which your nervous system receives information and finally the term “programming” is used because, whether we like to believe it or not, everything about us now, is a result of some form of conditioning that has taken place either through our conscious awareness or unconsciously.

How Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP Works

As described earlier, we are all beings of conditioning. Obviously if we have positive and empowering traits and behaviors conditioned into our nervous system, then that is great. But the reality is, we all have certain negative or limiting conditioning also, such as fears and phobias, ways of acting or thinking that in some way causes hurt and harm to ourselves or others, and unconscious blocks that are stopping us from achieving our goals. If most or everything that we are a result of conditioning, then it would obviously be very beneficial to uncover whatever limiting conditioning is present and replace that with something positive. This is where Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP comes in very handy because its techniques and strategies were specifically made for this purpose.

Neuro Linguistic Programming helps you or rather nervous system, disassociate itself from the limiting patterns it has coded and stored. To put it simply, it helps break the old limiting patterns that are not serving you positively anymore. Once that is done, NLP further helps by integrating and conditioning into your nervous system, the positive patterns that you want that will help you as you move forward. In case it is not clear to you yet, whatever is conditioned into your nervous system or mind, runs under automation. Things like smoking, biting your finger nails, being terrified of snakes, allergies, habits of procrastination, etc are all conditioned into your nervous system and all it takes for the pattern of behavior or fear etc to run, is certain conditions in your environment being met. So I’m sure you realize that it would be tremendously beneficial to remove all that limiting conditioning now.

Some Areas where Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP Can Help You

Aside from the benefits already mentioned here are some more specific ways you can benefit from a Neuro Linguistic Programming session with a trained NLP specialist:

  • In sport, NLP can help you remove obstacles and overcome plateaus and condition your nervous system powerful patterns that automatically “fire” during sporting events thereby allowing you to reach higher levels of peak performance.
  • In relationships, Neuro Linguistic Programming can help find out what communication strategies work best for yourself and the other person and learn how to communicate in ways that create greater understanding and therefore feelings of rapport or similarity between you and the other. This obviosuly helps enhance the quality of relationships you have with people all around you.
  • With your emotions, NLP combined with Timeline Therapy, can help you clear and remove all past anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt. The memories of those experiences remain and only your association to the negative emotions that were created during those experiences are removed. This obviously helps you move forward with more serenity.
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming can also help you remove any fears and phobias that are limiting your life, allergies, dyslexia and other conditions that conventional beliefs or system of medicine would say are there to stay in your life.
  • With your goals and dreams, NLP helps you create clarity around what you want, uncover hidden blocks and limitations holding you back and remove them and then condition patterns of success and strategies to help you achieve results faster.

That list of benefits you can gain through Neuro Linguistic Programming is certainly not exhaustive and there are tons more ways you can benefit. If you are serious about creating the kind of life you envision or imagine having and a life of greater serenity, perhaps you may want to look into this more. Good luck with creating the extraordinary life you deserve.