July 21, 2024


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The Official eBay Bible

The Official eBay Bible

The Official eBay Bible is a paperback book written by Jim Griffith. His opinion of eBay claims that it is a place full of treasures.

My trash may be another man’s treasure and I can clear out my attic and list the items for sale. When I or another eBayer searches for an item, he is sure to find one or a dozen of that item for sale. He describes very well how I can make some money. This book is exciting and encourages you to buy it and learn how to become an entrepreneur.

But when I read it I felt “talked down to.” Well “written down to” actually. It is too basic except for a beginner who has never been on eBay and has little life experience. It is filled with screenshots. I didn’t feel incapable of “bookmarking a page” since I have been using Windows for awhile now. I could pass it on to a five year old with beginning reading skills.

The author has repeated how to open an account on eBay, how to list items, how to add a picture to showcase your items and mostly how to get rich from promoting your items. This information can be learned during the sign-up process. The knowledge about using html is fine for creating a web site but coding takes time and I won’t waste time coding for eBay when their editor is fast and easy.

Besides to learn coding you can go to a w3c site for tutorials. I hate trying to read screenshots when reproduced. Unless you’re an eagle your vision will not suffice.

I searched but found no advanced tips. The book isn’t bad but when you promote your book as the “Bible” of anything you imply that it is an almost encyclopedic body of knowledge.