July 23, 2024


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The HTC Sensation Cuts No Corners To Provide The Ultimate Smartphone Experience

The HTC Sensation Cuts No Corners To Provide The Ultimate Smartphone Experience

The HTC Sensation is the manufacturer’s flagship smartphone, and really showcases how far smartphones have evolved in recent months. Whilst HTC are constantly releasing new models with admittedly similar specifications, the HTC Sensation cuts no corners in a bid to offer consumers the ultimate smartphone experience.

In this article I will give my review of the HTC Sensation by looking at some of its key features, so you can decide whether this is the smartphone for you.

Dimensions and Design

The HTC Sensation packs a large 4.3 inch screen, so it was never going to be the smallest handset in the world. Its measurements stand at 126.1 x 65.4 x 11.3 mm, so it is similar to the majority of smartphones with such a sizable screen. The design of the phone is very good all round. It does look a little similar to many of its stablemates, but it is attractive nonetheless. HTC has made sure the Sensation stands out as the flagship with an attractive curved design of the back of the unibody handset.

Operating System, User Interface and Processor

As you would expect from a flagship HTC smartphone, the latest version of Android, in this case version 2.3 is installed. The advantages of this are numerous and well known, thanks to the software’s popularity. The interface though, is far from the stock Android UI. HTC Sense, arguably the most innovative user interface available for mobile phones, makes an appearance in its third incarnation. This is highly customisable, and offers a great user experience as you may expect, but builds on the features from previous versions. One of the notable additions is the Active LockScreen. This feature enables users to access their most commonly used apps without the hassle of having to unlock the screen.

Of course, the apps in question can be customised, and this feature really solidifies HTC’s ethos of designing everything so users can carry out tasks in the least steps possible. One of the most heavily advertised features of the HTC Sensation is its dual-core processor. As mentioned, this is the first dual-core smartphone from HTC, and one of only a small number of handsets to sport this technology. There are numerous advantages of this technology when used in smartphones; improved graphics and touchscreen response times, more efficient multitasking, improved web browsing speeds and the ability to handle resource-demanding apps are just some of the reasons users will love this phone.

Digital Camera

Of course, the HTC Sensation features a built in digital camera. In this case, an 8 megapixel unit offers all the technology and features to take superb looking photos and videos. A dual LED flash is on hand to overcome low lighting conditions, whilst mage stabilization and face recognition keep things simple, whilst producing pleasing results. The HTC Sensation is also one of the few handsets to shoot HD video in not just 720p, but in 1080p full HD. There is also a front facing VGA camera which is handy for self portrait photos and video calls.

This review only covers what I feel are the most relevant features of the handset. obviously there is a lot more to the handset than what I have covered, but one thing is for sure; the HTC Sensation cuts o corners, and it is very difficult to find anything bad to say about this phone.