July 23, 2024


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Taking the CPC Exam – Are Open Book Exams Harder?

Taking the CPC Exam – Are Open Book Exams Harder?

Often students start feeling quite comfortable if they learn that the next exam they are about to attend is going to be an open book exam. However in reality, there is nothing all that relaxing when it comes to attending an open book exam. If someone thinks it takes very little time to get prepared for taking the CPC exam when the medical coding book is going to be wide open right in front of him, he is definitely in for a rude shock.

It takes a whole lot of effort to prepare for an open book exam like the AAPC CPC exam, even if it is a multiple choice test. To score well and pass the cpc exam you’ll need to develop the capability to assess how much time you will need to devote for answering each question depending on how complex it is. Fortunately some of the questions just need a straightforward look-up answer so you have be very familiar and comfortable with your coding book. Some questions need you to interpret and subsequently use the correct code, this is when you will truly realize what makes an open book exam harder. It is really a test of your analysis and thinking skills so you can no longer entirely depend on rote memorization.

So you really don’t have the luxury to feel all that relaxed before taking the CPC exam even if it is going to be an open book exam. As a matter of fact you will need to study even harder and harness all of your coding experience to prepare before taking the CPC exam.