July 18, 2024


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Remove Or Uninstall Specific Spyware Or Adware – A Guide on How to Remove Specific Spyware Or Adware

Remove Or Uninstall Specific Spyware Or Adware – A Guide on How to Remove Specific Spyware Or Adware

So your computer has been infected with spyware. Pop up ads might be bombarding your desktop. Strange programs of unknown origin start finding their way on your computer. Your browser has suddenly been hijacked and seems to have a mind of its own. Or perhaps your computer has just been running much slower lately. Your head is spinning and you want to remove or uninstall the specific spyware or adware that is killing your system.

These are all symptoms of a computer infected with various forms of spyware. If this is true then you are not alone. In fact a CNN study reported that 90% of internet users have some form of spyware or adware on their computer. Whether they are not aware of the problem or simply lack the necessary removal tools to fight the infection, spyware has certainly become an epidemic.

So how do you get rid of this rotten stuff? Well there are two methods. I will give you my opinion on which is the best below:

1. Manually remove or uninstall specific spyware or adware. This method is achieved by going to the Add/Remove programs icon in your desktop. Simply go through the programs and select the one that is spyware and zap! Delete it with the click of a button. Of course this assumes that you already know which spyware program is causing all the trouble.

2. Download a program to perform the adware spyware uninstall for you. This option I recommend for a few reasons. First spyware rarely attacks by itself. It infects your computer through bundled software which means there are typically multiple infections within your CPU. Spyware can also mask itself pretty discreetly either in various folders, your registry, or system critical processes. Bottom line – it’s tough to root this stuff out on your own. You also don’t want to start uninstalling programs you aren’t sure about. You might just end up messing your computer up beyond repair.

When your body has an infection you do not simply target the infected part and start hacking away. Well unless you lived in the Middle Ages of course. But in this day and age you take an antibiotic which works throughout your body to kill the infection wherever it spreads. The same goes with spyware. You need a full system scan to completely diagnose the problem. Don’t wait – you can remove or uninstall specific spyware or adware in just minutes!