July 18, 2024


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Powershot Canon SD990 – The Amateur’s DSLR – A Review

Powershot Canon SD990 – The Amateur’s DSLR – A Review

The Powershot SD990 from Canon is a new breed of point-and-shoot digital cameras. With 14.7 megapixels, this common user’s camera can compete with some high-end professional SLRs. Though it has a curvy, playful look, the camera is downright serious when it comes to taking photographs. A 3.7x optical zoom lens makes this camera perfect for medium-zoom photographs. A 2.5 inch LCD wide-angle display with a scratch-resistant coating makes this camera rugged. Being quite thin, the SD990 can be carried in one’s pockets with ease.

The Servo AF feature, developed by Canon, allows the camera to focus even on continuously moving objects up to the moment of exposure. Powered by the newest processor from Canon, the DIGIC IV, the camera offers amazing speed and photo processing capabilities. The LCD visibility is poor in bright light, but this is compensated for by an optical viewfinder just above the display. The Quick Shot mode allows users to make full use of the optical viewfinder. This feature is not very common in most digital cameras.

The buttons and controls are laid out simply, and the interface is clear and intuitive. The camera feels good to hold, though it is a tad heavy. The fingers fall onto the most important controls almost naturally when one holds the camera. The basic layout of the menus in the user interface is the same as the older Canon cameras, which makes upgrading to the SD990 easy.

Allowing users to set many options manually, the camera can be used by professionals as well. Photos taken using the SD990 can be cropped without any loss in image quality, thanks to the 14.7 megapixels. However, the camera is a bit expensive and could have users thinking whether it’s really worth all that money. The camera does not have many features that a professional would look out for, but it would be perfect for someone who wants high-quality photographs.