July 21, 2024


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Pink Laptops Gaining in Popularity

Pink Laptops Gaining in Popularity

It is hard to imagine a world without computers. Computers have come a long way from the two to four-story gadgets that used to occupy the science labs of huge research facilities and military complexes to the personal computers that adorn most offices and now over a third of all homes in the US. When the large computers were replaced by personal computers or PCs, the way the world worked changed has forever. This is because computers added precision and expertise on whatever someone did. This totally revolutionized the way products and services are rendered across the globe not to mention the speed. But the advent of personal computers was not the end of the revolution. Then came the laptops which were miniature versions of the PC created to enable mobile computing. Laptops were first created by a company called Toshiba in conjunction with others such as Sony. They shrunk the PC parts that came with regular computers and compressed them into a portable mini-computer. These were also a bit bulky at first but now laptops are ultra-thin and ultra-light while at the same time packing considerably more power than their bulky counterparts. Today, there is no telling where the revolution is heading next but laptops are here to stay and their innovation is reaching new heights every season. Pink laptops are that new height.

The sensation caused by the appearance of pink laptops in the market is no small achievement. Computer manufacturers seem to have capitalized on the sentimental attachment that people, especially females have, to the color pink. Pink shoes, pink lipstick, pink phone, pink Cadillac and now, pink laptops.

Computer manufactures like Dell pioneered the art of allowing customers to actually order a computer directly from the warehouse. Together with this, they also allowed customers to customize their orders and the customer was not just limited to whatever specifics came with the computer. That means the buyer could now request specific memory sizes, screen sizes and resolution, hard drive size and now even color. That means that when a buyer goes to the Dell website to order a laptop, he or she has a wide range of options to chose from. There are now color schemes on the site and the purchaser is not merely limited to the same old black or grey décor that has dominated the computer color scheme for years.

Pink laptops are attractive to look at. This makes them ideal for teenagers especially females although as we said earlier, ladies are not the only ones with an affinity for pink as a color. Creators of the pink laptops had high school teens in mind. This is because high schoolers have now joined the computer revolution and their computer use mostly gravitates towards the realms of gaming and online social networking. Gamers have given laptops, especially pink laptops a demand that has been unprecedented since the advent of the pink razor phone. Now the we can expect to see more pink laptops at local electronic stores and other dealers.