June 18, 2024


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MPEG 4 Technology For Dish TV Programming Channels

Dish TV programming channels are aired on MPEG 4 Format. Because of this viewers of satellite televisions are getting distortion free images on their television screens. The programs are broadcasted straight away from the geosynchronous satellites directly to the viewer. This is yet another reason that has made satellite television quite popular among people.

About MPEG 4

MPEG 4 is a patented technology that was introduced at the end of the year 1998 and it soon gained immense popularity. This format is used mainly to stream internet media and later on it was introduced for streaming television signals. Today MPEG 4 is recognized as a standard video and audio coding format. MPEG 4 is quite similar to MPEG 1 and MPEG 2 since it shares several features from these two formats. New features have been added later on for make it capable for 3D rendering. The well known codecs such as DivX, Xvid and Nero Digital have now become a part of this amazing compression format.

Previously this audio video compression format was aimed mainly at low bit-rate video communication. But soon the scope of this compression technology got expanded and now it has become the primary tool for multimedia coding. This format is extremely efficient across a wide spectrum of bit-rates, which is from few Kbps up to tens of megabytes per second (Mbps). MPEG 4 is known for enhancing the efficiency of coding and it is even capable of encoding mixed media data such as audio, video and speech.

Since this amazing audio and video compression format is used for streaming television signals, therefore dish TV service providers have decided to adopt this technology to offer maximum TV viewing pleasure. For this purpose the service providers of satellite television have introduced newer receiver models that are compatible with this format. One such receiver model is ViP 622 HDTV DVR receiver.

About ViP 622 HDTV DVR receiver

This is a unique satellite TV receiver that supports both MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 technology. This is a High Definition Receiver that has two tuners named TV1 and TV2. it has a built-in 120 gigabyte hard drive that is capable of storing 100 hours of television program recording. This device allows you to operate it in two modes. One is the Single Mode and the other one is Dual Mode. In single mode you can operate its two HD tuners from a single remote and in dual mode, you can record a TV show while watching another channel.

In this receiver you will be getting two remote controls in which one is a regular infra-red based and the other one is UHF or Ultra High Frequency based. The UHF remote will allow you to control your ViP 622 HDTV DVR receiver from 200 feet irrespective of any obstruction. And the regular IR based remote is even capable of controlling your TV and VCR.

Satellite TV is all about sophisticated technologies. You are getting crystal clear picture and rich surround sound on your television set. Add a feature packed satellite receiver with that and the outcome will be something that can be described only in one word – marvelous.