July 21, 2024


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Medical Billing and Coding Salary Ranges

Medical Billing and Coding Salary Ranges

Like any profession, medical billing and coding salary ranges can vary depending on the location of the job. By location I not only mean the part of the country but also the facility itself. Depending on whether the job is in a big city or a small town can have an impact on salary for sure. Likewise if the job is in a large hospital with numerous patients versus a small doctor’s office again the salary can vary based on job responsibility.

Most data that can be found online says that an average medical coding salary hourly range can fall between $12.00-$17.00 an hour. The average annual salary falls somewhere in the upper $20,000’s or higher. Obviously, for a starting medical billing and coding job a person should expect to make in the lower hourly range. there is plenty of room for growth in this field and for that having experience matters greatly. It is definitely a growing field with new opportunities for employment everyday. The more efficient and experienced a person is with medical billing the more money they can potentially make.

A medical coder’s wage range can vary based also on the responsibilities of the job itself. Larger medical practices and hospitals have a lot more volume of patients and the job of a medical biller is much more demanding then it would be in a smaller office or venue. Working as a medical biller from home is also an option but for many that can mean an hourly wage based on experience. The convenience of working from home and not having to drive to a job can be a money saver and therefore allow the hourly wage to be a bit less.

As the demand for medical billers grows the average pay for medical billing and coding jobs will grow as well. The experienced billers will be in high demand so it is important to build up a good working resume so you can ask for the top of the salary range as opposed to the newcomer inexperienced range.

You can expect yearly wage increases as you become a more proficient medical biller and build your experience. A starting medical billing and coding salary may not be what you were hoping for but with time that $12.00 or $13.00 and hour can really grow as you establish yourself in this growing industry. Louis Zhang, Accrmedicalbillingtraining dot com