June 22, 2024


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Looking For the Best Rated Laptops? – Here’s a Few to Consider

Many people prefer laptops over desktop computers mainly because they are portable. They are also quieter than desktops, have wireless capabilities, easy to use, provides instant access to information and much more. Although they are pricier than desktops, you can still find excellent prices for them if you shop around. Finding the best rated laptops requires that you compare prices and read laptop computer reviews and laptop ratings. By having all views in place, you can easily judge for yourself which laptop would suit your needs best.

And that’s what it comes down to when finding the best rated laptops. You need to identify what your primary use for it would be and how often you’d be using it. Every site you come across, every person you meet will tell you a different laptop model and brand that they think it the best. So, it’s best to get a general idea and to break it into categories. Business use or Personal use. The Internet is a great source to compare prices and find the best laptops quickly and efficiently. But first of all, know your brands. The brand can also affect the price. Brands such as Sony, Levono, Dell, Apple and HP can come highly expensive, but are also rated highly in the market. There are others out there that are just as good, but are cheaper and more affordable.

For the business worker or international business traveler, the Lenovo ThinkPad Brand is number one recommended. They are known for their professional, sleek and easy and lightweight design, its durability and long battery life. Lenovo is a top quality brand when it comes to business laptops and they always get as a minimum, a 4 star rating out of 5. The second rated brand for business laptops is the HP. The HP EliteBook or the HP ProBook are both highly praised for the business laptop.

Finding the best rated laptops for personal use is another thing. You can usually find them at cheaper prices too. According to one website, with 5350 votes as of March 2010, is the Compaq Presario CQ61Z at $430. It has excellent quality for its price and is rated number one. The second highly rated laptop is the Apple MacBook Pro 17inch 2.8GHz MC226LL/A with just over 2100 votes at a price of $2599. Everyone who has bought one has never regretted it and has praised it. Its incredible horsepower and 8 hour long battery life are very attractive features.