July 21, 2024


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Information Technology Enhances Productivity

Information Technology Enhances Productivity

The world is so dependent on technology today that it has become an expected component in our daily lives. We depend on it at home, in school and at work. The use of technology in the office has become commonplace.

From the fax machine, to the telephone, the printer, the copier machine, the computer and the internet, technology is enhancing the productivity of professionals, educators, and students everywhere. It has become so commonplace that most offices today would cease to operate effectively without it.

The most used forms of technology are the computer and the internet. We use them in place of the telephone to send email. They’re used to quickly send copies of documents instead of the using a fax machine or copier and hand carrying them to our co-workers. The combination of the computer and the internet enables individuals to fax documents and even make telephone calls. Skype is a perfect example of this technology.

Access to information technology has turned into a necessity for prosperity and economic development worldwide. Underdeveloped countries are increasingly becoming equipped with computers and access to the internet, allowing them to communicate with the rest of the world and strengthen their economies.

Many years ago when computers were being introduced to society, people were concerned that they would have a dehumanizing effect. To a certain extent that might be true because we often use email to communicate in the office rather than calling or visiting our co-worker on the next floor or even down the hall, but the positives outweigh the negatives. With the ability to quickly share and process information, and effectively perform in-depth research, most of us might wonder how businesses ever managed without the existence of the computer and the internet.

The Blackberry and other hand-held time-saving devices bring added convenience and increased productivity to professionals whose work extends beyond the office.

So many other forms of technology exist that enable professionals of all educational and skilled backgrounds to produce products and services that it would otherwise be impossible.

It has been stated that an estimated 40 percent of U.S. productivity growth between 1995 and 2002 has been credited to the existence of information technology. Computers and the internet give a voice to all who has access to them and the numbers are growing by leaps and bounds.