July 18, 2024


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Influencers Interview With Roger Williams

Influencers Interview With Roger Williams


In today’s interview, we had the opportunity to speak with Roger Williams – Chief Executive Officer at Mobile Blockchain Solutions.

Q1. Hey Roger Williams, Tell Us How Did You Become Passionate About Internet of Things. What Made You Choose This Profession?

I first got introduced to the Internet of things in 2018 while studying blockchain. That’s when learned about how we would be tying physical asset to the internet.

Q2. Tell Us About Your Role and the Journey as CEO at Mobile Blockchain Solutions.

My role as CEO of the Mobile Blockchain Solutions is to bring to life the projects from clients in the Web 3.0 and Web 2.0 space.  There are some many new projects that are currently solving real world issues.  Here at the Mobile Blockchain Solutions our team of amazing consultants, and developers are here to give our clients the best service, efficient an awesome quality product, and an amazing experience.

Q3. Would you like to tell your Unique Skill that you think you have as an IoT (Internet of Things) Advisor. 

I guess people on my team would call me a visionary in this IOT space.  I really enjoy studying technology.  I think it’s super important that we understand what technologies are coming into the space and how they will affect our future generation.

Q4. According to you what is the importance of iot (Internet of Things)? 

The most important thing to understand is how we can use the IoT for tracking Assets.  I think most people don’t understand at this point how they could and will be able to utilize this to their benefit. The ability to truly understand the valve of all the history and valve of the assets they currently own and how the ledger from the blockchain tied to the IOT gives people history of true ownership.

Q5. What Are Some of The Challenges for You When It Comes to Become a Founder? 

Daily challenges as a founder are making sure I have a balanced lifestyle.  I really enjoy learning about disruptive technologies and networking with great minds to bring these thoughts to life.

Q6. Please Share an Experience of your Journey as SAP Consultant and SAP Analyst?

 As an SAP Analyst I learnt so much about how big companies valve data and tracking Assets.  The Supply chain is everything to big manufacturers.  This is what opened my eyes to how the internet of things(IoT) make sense.

Q7. What kind of corporate sustainability approach you have taken which led to the outstanding result.

  My corporate sustainability approach is to always be curious.  Find someone in the field that has expertise and passion for that field, and ask as many questions needed to gain true understanding along with your own research.  Being a servant to those around you is the highest level of self.

Q8. Would you like to tell your Unique Skill which you have as a liaise with industry stakeholders, government agencies, Treasury, banks, educational institutions, executives, entrepreneurs, developers and founders.? 

I am now engulfed in new technology call Li-Fi technology.  Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) I know this technology is the link for how we will connect the IOT to the blockchain and autonomous driving.  It’s also green energy so it has so many benefits.

Q9. What Next for you? 

My focus now we are working on Li-Fi projects and I’m super excited about what’s going on in the world of Li-Fi, Blockchain, Web 3.0


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