July 16, 2024


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Hypnosis For Incredible Life Impact – Programming The Vital Spirit Of Optimism And Success

Hypnosis For Incredible Life Impact – Programming The Vital Spirit Of Optimism And Success

Do you awaken each day feeling strong, confident, positive, and ready to go? If not…WHY NOT?! And if not, what do you predominantly feel upon awakening?

Let me give you a mental power hypnosis strategy to help you start thinking and feeling in a way that makes life say Yes (to YOU!). This strategy will help you establish a mind-set that incites your best, and moves you to generate peak life results and efficiency. Just read the following instructions…and then “paint by the numbers”.


When you awaken in the morning:

1.) Read the following Spirit Of Optimism And Success affirmation out loud, with strong

feeling and conviction.

2.) Then close your eyelids and envision yourself the embodiment of these ideals, acting within

the tasks and demands of your upcoming day; see exactly what you do (and how you do it)

because of being fueled by this compelling Spirit Of Optimism And Success:

o Imaginatively experience, and revel in exactly what you sense – and know – you can do. (And enjoy envisioning yourself masterfully doing it!)

o And clearly notice, and let yourself be enriched by, how you feel because of acting and performing within the demands of your day as the explicit, success commanding embodiment of this Spirit Of Optimism. (Notice the decisive results you produce, the impact you register, and thoroughly enjoy your affinity toward excellence).

3.) Then, s-l-o-w-l-y open your eyelids, and confidently, eagerly start – and purposefully

strive to triumph within – your entire day!

And let the full, suggestive forcefulness of the Spirit Of Optimism And Success become your mental and spiritual fuel (every day) – the force which drives you on — the commanding success ideal framework which, from this time forward, you allow to compel your very life!

[Engage this Spirit Of Optimism And Success process as outlined regularly, until you know its framework has become your attitude and outlook about life, your life – and the life you sense you can, and should be moving toward demonstrably creating!]

Through embracing this indomitable Spirit Of Optimism And Success, you then shall:

o Know The Truth.

o See The “Invisible.”

o Embrace Triumph Possibility As A Real, Impending Fact.

o Commit Your Soul To Action…

o And Then Never Look Back Again!


Today, upon awakening, I arise with a gleam and sparkle in my eye…that’s right; I thrill to the many positive opportunities for personal gain and advancement which I expect, presume – and know – await me…

Today is a fresh and unique experience for me…today is my exciting opportunity to uphold and live out from the realization that I am more now…and naturally capable of more now, and am inwardly driven to do more, and succeed more than I ever have before…

Today I expect, and incline toward producing more Goodness and success in everything I do. I respect myself much more — and feel a strong and compelling sense of belief in my-self, and in my abilities-within all that I say, and all that I do…

As I begin my day, my Great Day now – I feel alive, free, and naturally charged with the energizing power of life…My mind is sharp, my inner vision is clear, and I’m naturally inclined to consider, what to me, represents the best – exclusively and continually what to me represents the best — the best I’m now purposefully moving toward… All Day Long. And, I’m delighted, indeed, empowered because my every idea today is success geared and radiantly optimistic, filled with unyielding self belief, and the courage of conviction…

I clearly see, and firmly think of myself as a skilled, capable, and effective personality…That’s Right…And I know – absolutely and completely – that today, I can do whatever I need to do exactly as I need to…And in all I do, I naturally act in that special way which continually moves me from one positive achievement to the next…

I now feel the confidence, and striking enthusiasm of this natural success capacity filling me with monumental pride in who I am, and a compelling, uncompromising faith that I’ve got what it takes, That’s right, Everything it takes…because today I am, and have all of life’s vital power available to me…RIGHT NOW…

Today, my thoughts, my feelings and my every single action reinforces that not only am I supposed to succeed…but that I Deserve the best – to happen, to enrich me, and to characterize my life, now…knowing and expecting that things naturally work out for me, and for my good…and that today is my Great Day…That’s right…And so today my every action continually reinforces that I am created to increase, created to advance, and naturally inclined toward excellence, effectiveness, and commanding success impact…Right now, and within everything I do…That’s right!

This realization now fills me with an invincible sense of mastery and conviction to unfold even more of life’s richness – that Goodness and Joy I now sense, and accept await me as my inevitable, impending destiny today…Because I now know and recognize that I’ve got the ability and confidence it takes – that’s right – EVERYTHING it takes to progress and excel — and conclusively get my job done…With every act I engage today, I naturally do the right thing, in the right way…which produces masterful personal triumph, time after time!

As I engage each situation today, I feel a surging, energizing excitement – a strengthened sense of ability – aware that more of the Maximum Me is naturally unfolding, driving me to continually higher impact levels…and to be even more effective within each successive task!

The graphic image of me as this commanding success, now permeates every level of my mind – with an action instigating forcefulness moving me to generate the unwavering affinity toward excellence…NOW…that’s right…and within every single situation I encounter…

In everything I do…and with each of my day’s experiences, I think clearly and act confidently and resourcefully, fueled by a driving expectation of striking achievement and decisive personal gain!

This morning, the full power of life pours through me magnificently and richly, magnifying my strength, strengthening my confidence, and strengthening a profound faith that today, I am emerging Power – and capable, naturally commanding action effectiveness – Now – Right Now … YES!

Even now I begin feeling this radiant power and positive expectancy filling me completely as I consider the victory, and personal triumph outcomes awaiting me – yes, awaiting my faith and action to claim them starting N-O-W…that’s right – and all day long…

And I revel in the new choices to advance – and to prevail – I now make…and in the decisive possibilities for increase I know await me in the future, Now…That’s Right…I choose now to see and think exclusively from what I know represents my TRUE degree of resourcefulness, my true abilities, and my real capacity for success commanding action impact …That’s Right…

Today, I am exactly the way I want to be, exactly the way I need to be, fueled by an invincible conviction and expectancy compelling me to be exactly the way I should be – yes — for my greatest good and personal advance…That’s right…And I experience this empowering transformation continuing to strengthen me even more-so now…unleashing hidden resources within me, and decidedly magnifying my confidence as I anticipate the esteem strengthening, naturally growth commanding outcomes I can

– indeed, purposefully will create today…Because I’m now naturally inspired – in fact driven – to make success, to make enriching personal gain, and to make a strengthened personal impact, life advancing great day – EVERY DAY – the blatant fact of my life…Now…YES!

Right now, I embrace an absolute vision of sureness that decisive personal increase and life advancement are produced through the outcome of my results today – of me moving continually ahead through masterful performance, and thoroughly, demonstrably succeeding with every task and activity I engage, yes – every single one…

I now generate the compelling affinity to create and experience conclusive personal triumph…because I am designed to live and act as life’s full, and commanding power – existing to masterfully demonstrate the profound depth of ability I truly possess…Now…That’s right…right now, and within every thing I do!

Today is my day, my great day, because I naturally express the singular best within me, and continually take the initiative to get exactly what I want – and produce exactly what I know I can. In every situation I encounter, I automatically think, “YES I C-A-N – EXPECT TO SUCCEED AND TRIUMPH!” I uphold this ideal with uncompromising fervor…

Activating every fiber of my will, I naturally strive now to achieve and prosper; I feel radiantly alive, enthused and inspired to now deliberately act upon an ever growing faith in all things and conditions being naturally for me…and me, through life’s vital, compelling power, naturally existing to triumph — within every single task, chore, and responsibility I engage…YES – STARTING NOW …

And so now, fueled by full emotional power and faith, my endeavors are all intentionally geared to produce conclusive, indeed, striking success impact; within every single thing I do today, I masterfully strive forth to produce the specific outcome I now know I C-A-N!