July 16, 2024


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HTML XHTML Markup Languages – Importance in Web Design

HTML XHTML Markup Languages – Importance in Web Design

You have designed your website with good stuff, but it’s not working properly in latest browsers or it is not looking how you want. If you want to take professional help, then it costs more. If you want cheap web design with high quality stuff, then you have to use valid HTML, XHTML tags in your web design.

You have used valid HTML, XHTML and CSS languages in your website. You have developed your website with w3c standards by using DOM to operate dynamic pages. But still your website is failing to load in latest browsers.

The fault may be in your HTML DOCTYPE. If you are not using this DOCTYPE in your web pages then your CSS and markup will not validate without that. If you are using this in your web page, then it will tell to browser that your page has compliant mode.

With the help of HTML, XHTML markup tags we can get good page ranks. If you want to do cheap web design, then HTML and CSS are the best solution. The SEO engineers will use HTML tags to increase the page rank of the web page. HTML anchor tag will play key role in page ranking. If you provide back linking to your website then your page rank will increase automatically. To increase the page rank of the web site the SEO engineers will place the keywords in header tag which supports the search engine. So HTML is the very good technology which makes your website good look and search engine friendly and increase the rank of the page.

If you want rich look and feel about your website and should be in less budget web design then use HTML, XHTML mark up language. The valid HTML mark up language will provides the some good tags to the user to use multimedia files in their website.