July 16, 2024


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HTML and Computer Training Courses in London

HTML and Computer Training Courses in London

Everything from business to dating to socialising happens on the internet. In recent years most of us have become accustomed to spending a great deal of our time online. New businesses have emerged thanks to the internet, new sectors and many new ways of doing the same old things. But how many of us really know how a computer works? What it takes to build a Facebook application? Or if not build one, at least know whether or not it would be possible to build. Probably a lot fewer than you might think. If you’re someone who works in digital and is looking to add more value to your company, or just someone who wants to know more about how websites are built and designed, it might be worth signing up for an introductory course. Some reputable ones in London are:

1. UBIQ Creative Training:

Ubiq is a unique training company in East Dulwich London. The courses they offer are designed to give you the skill sets your job requires of you. That might include, Adobe Creative Suite applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, InDesign and Flash. They also teach the languages of the web including HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery and PHP. Classes are small and informal. Most are only one or two days and while a bit pricey for one day of learning £250, students will feel they’ve accomplished a lot.

2. London School of Computer Education (LSCE):

LSCE was established as an IT skills training institute and now teaches a wide range of students and professionals who are working within the digital sector. They offer a web design and graphic design course that is 10-weeks and very hands on. Students will learn how to create professional web pages, use technologies such as HTML, DreamWeaver, MX 2004, CSS, Javascript, Photoshop and Flash Animation, all of which when mixed together make website design. Students will also learn about flash animation, working with symbols, animation and motion tweening. This is all in addition to learning about sounds and setting up flash player.

3. Activia Training:

Activia offer an Introduction to HTML course that covers more than the basics of creating a website. Students of this course will learn about formatting text with HTML, adding local and remote links, adding graphics and sound, creating lists in HTML, creating tables in HTML, setting body and background attributes, web page design guidelines, and adding links to other internet services.

Those are 3 good classes to get you started. London is filled with great courses though, so if those don’t satisfy what you’re looking for keep looking around for one that does.