July 16, 2024


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How to Recover Deleted Files Effortlessly

How to Recover Deleted Files Effortlessly

It usually spells doom for someone when he or she deletes important files by accident, or when you hard drive crashes and you can’t get to your data. But thanks to useful applications, this isn’t as much of a problem now as it was before, as you can rely on useful recovery applications and software to do the job instead of hiring expensive and impractical recovery firms.

Why Do Files Get Lost or Deleted?

It is part and parcel of using a computer that there comes a time when you lose important and sensitive data due to unforeseen circumstances. It happens and can happen to anybody, even the most veteran of computer users. Sometimes one simply fails to recognize an important file and deletes it by mistake. Sometimes a computer crashes accidentally or your hard drive fails and you just cannot get to your data. Sometimes using registry cleaners or similar programs mistakenly delete important files.

What You Should Do When Faced with Data Loss

– The first step is not to panic. There are a lot of data recovery software programs that can solve your problems and you should seriously consider buying them. Especially when you are working on a particularly big project, it would be a waste of time to start all over again when you can recover your data.

– If you can still use your PC, Mac, or laptop, do not use it as much as possible so that the data won’t be overwritten. Data can still be procured and restored from the hard disk after deletion provided it isn’t overwritten by new software or data.

– Hiring a data recovery service should be out of the question. They are expensive, impractical, and just not cost effective at all. Many data recovery software can do the job well with very satisfactory results.

How to Avoid Accidentally Losing Files

They say prevention is much better than cure, which is why you should also take steps to avoid losing data by accident.

– One important thing to remember is to never delete files wantonly. Many people just click on a file and delete it without a second thought as to its importance or value. Make sure that the file or files you are deleting is really unneeded before ditching it and relegating it to the scrap heap.

– Make use of your Recycle Bin. The Recycle Bin exists to help you review the files you have for deletion before actually removing them from your system. Don’t let files accumulate in your Recycle Bin so you don’t have a hard time reviewing the files.

– Another important tip is to back up your important files. Backing up will give you something to return to in case of any mishaps or accidents, instead of having you go back all the way to square one and start from scratch. Back up your files regularly so you don’t have to go through the tedious chore of doing it in bulk. You can use removable drives or even burn data to CDs and DVDs.

How To Recover Deleted Files Easily

To recover the deleted files, you need to follow these steps:

1. Download and install a Data Recovery Software on your computer. Please make sure that you don’t install the software on the partition from where you want to recover deleted files.

2. Run the software and choose the option which says “Recover Deleted Files” or similar.

3. Let the software do a deep scan of your computer’s hard disk and retrieve the deleted files.

4. Once done, the software will show you a list of files you’ve deleted before. You just need to select the files you want to retrieve and that’s it.