July 16, 2024


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How to Fix Runtime Error R6025 – Quick Tutorial to Fix This Error For Good

How to Fix Runtime Error R6025 – Quick Tutorial to Fix This Error For Good

Runtime error R6025 is caused by a problem with the “Visual C++ Framework” on your computer, and more specifically when your application performs a “pure virtual function” call that is not valid. This basically means that the way the program has been coded is incorrect, and so if you’re a developer – you need to correct your coding. If you’re a user, this error means that you’re using a buggy version of the software, and should either be reinstalled or updated.

The message you generally see with this error is as follows:

  • “Runtime Error R6025 – Pure Virtual Function Call”

The reason why this error shows is all down to the way the program has been coded, and how it’s running on your system. All Windows programs run with “functions” which are called when you want the program to do something. For example, if you click a button, that will call a specific function that deals with the events that need to happen when the button is clicked. The R6025 error is caused when a “pure virtual function” is called in the wrong context or in the wrong way. This can only really be fixed by re-coding the application, which is only possible if you’re a developer.

The way to fix this error is to first change the Visual C++ code (if you’re a developer). If you’re a user, don’t worry about this step because you cannot do anything about it – developers are able to change the code and should either remove or re-code the “pure virtual function” inside their application. If you’re just a user of the software – the best thing you can do is to reinstall the program so that it replaces any of the files / functions that it has stored, which should hopefully make your computer run much smoother again. You can reinstall a program by pressing Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs and then uninstaling it. After uninstallation, you should then download a new copy and install that.

A good way to fix this error is to use a registry cleaner to fix any problems inside the registry of your system. The registry is a central database which stores a huge number of files, settings and information that your computer needs to use to run each day. Because the registry stores vital settings for the entire Windows system, it’s continually being used by 100’s of programs. However, it’s often the case that this database can become damaged & corrupted, leading to a number of different errors to appear on your system.