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How to create or delete a segment on Strava

How to create or delete a segment on Strava

Strava segments are just one of the most popularly applied attributes of the exercise application. Worldwide, customers contend on section leaderboards, maxing out their effort on precise stretches of operates and rides. Obtain out how to generate a Strava segment and get started competing on a favored extend of your have.

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To develop a phase on Strava, open up the pertinent activity on Strava’s web site and click the ellipses, then select Create Section.

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What is a Strava segment

A user reviews the Strava Segments in their local area.

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Strava presents people the option to highlight unique stretches of street or path and label the spots as segments. These specified sections help users find favored or unique route features. For instance, a phase may possibly have a notably windy part of a widely-applied jogging path or depict a steeply inclined part of a well-known trail.

Strava buyers can increase a section from the functions web site on the Strava world wide web site. If you decide on to generate a segment, you can also choose whether you would like it to be general public or personal. Possibly you just want to help you save the 200m dash section you routinely include into your run. On the other hand, probably your operate incorporates a hilly part well worth pointing out to other Strava athletes. With a Strava subscription, end users can even keep track of Phase performances to see how they assess to other athletes and their individual recurring attempts.

How to make a phase on Strava

A user's Strava Dashboard displays an Activity with the ellipses menu expanded.

Segments can only be established from an present exercise. In other text, if you want to build a phase, you will will need to complete the exercise routine 1st. On top of that, you can’t create a phase from the Strava cellular app.

  • Open the Strava internet site and log in with your qualifications. Click on the particular activity that is made up of your wished-for section and click on on the ellipses, then click Build Segment.
A Strava users uses the Create Segment dashboard to adjust the start and end points of their segment.
  • Drag the sliders earlier mentioned the map to update the place of the green begin marker and the crimson stop marker. You can also use the buttons labeled back again and forward down below the still left and correct ends of the slider for finer adjustments.
A Strava user names their created segment.
  • Click Next and Strava will look for to see if a matching segment now exists.
  • Click on Subsequent once more then enter a name for the section. If you strategy to make the segment public, decide on a name that describes the segment such that it will make sense to other Strava people.
  • If you would like the section community, deselect Make this Segment private. A private section will only be seen to the creator.

How to delete a segment on Strava

The Strava Dashboard menu contains the option My Segments.
  • Open the Strava web-site and log in with your credentials
  • Broaden the Dashboard menu and click My Segments.
  • Simply click the Developed Segments tab and click on the title of the section you wish to delete.
  • Click Steps in the major correct corner of the monitor, then click Delete. Click Okay to ensure.

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Strava has a large amount to supply for free of charge, but a subscription provides tons of tools and characteristics. Go through our dedicated guidebook to learn much more.

Star your favorite segments to add them to your My Segments list.

Strava records any GPS-based mostly action as a route. Segments symbolize specific parts of users’ routes.