July 16, 2024


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How To Convert PSD To HTML

How To Convert PSD To HTML

To answer the question of what is PSD to HTML, it is best to begin with why it is done. Once you understand the reason for doing the process, how it is done becomes easy. Converting the former into the latter is needed if you want to use a perfectly edited image for your website. Conversion is made easy through available software and tutorials online.

Website Making

When creating a website, it is easier to formulate codes directly from the website itself. A tool maybe needed for testing codes prior to actual application to the site. For which, website making applications can be used.

Most of which are downloadable for free online. Personal images and graphics you want to add to your website are easily edited through these tools. Converting psd into html and PSD to CSS and how it is done can be accomplished by these tools. Image editing is better done through external applications such as the Adobe Photoshop. Herewith, an enhanced final output can be created. Effects, sizes, masks, colors, and all other possible alterations can be done. To use a Photoshop file for your website is the challenge which follows after. You need to convert the Photoshop file to a readable format online.


Changing files from PSD to HTML becomes easy when you understand what both files is PSD or Photoshop Document is made through a software or application which allows editing of imagery. From which, a file with the extension name.psd is created. Hypertext Markup Language with a filename extension of.html is a widely used format for internet pages.

Its transfer from servers to browsers is done through HTTP or the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. XHTML which is a newer version that is already used but is still open for developments.

Convert PSD to HTML

Converting PSD to HTML is now made easy through various websites, applications, and software. There are PSD to CSS downloadable software and applications which can be installed to your computer. Free versions can be downloaded. Trial versions can also be installed prior to actual purchase of products which are not free. There are even services which offer conversion online. Some are free. Some are available with an applicable fee. Instructional websites can also be used for reference if you would like to complete the conversion process by yourself. Step by step tutorials with videos and screenshots are included.

Prior to dwelling on the technical aspect of the conversion process, most people who have built their own site through PSD files advice that you focus on the purpose first. Gather ideas about what the site or page will look like in general. Next, analyze the files.

Study the consequences of converting PSD to HTML and/or PSD to CSS. There are benefits as well as setbacks which need to be identified right away. When both steps are accomplished, you are ready to exert all efforts on the technical side.

Using any software made for this task; the PSD file is sliced and/or divided into layers. These may include the header, footer, left, right, and center navigation. Text boxes, buttons, and links will be added right away. Boxes will then be filled with content. Lastly, the converted output should be tested with various browsers prior to final upload.