July 18, 2024


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Find Out More About PMP Certification Exam

Find Out More About PMP Certification Exam

Many aspiring project managers covet to pass the certification exam for Project management professional (PMP), which is a universally expected qualification for those who want to take the fast curve in their careers and advance quickly to the top of their levels in the companies for whom they work. These people must have self-confidence total commitment and complete involvement with the work on hand. They will progress if they use all the knowledge that they have acquired during their stint at the institutes that issue the PMP certification.

A practical and introspective self-assessment would benefit you greatly before you enter the Project management certification classes. You would do well to review the possible topics that may come up during your training period and how and where and at what level you would fit in. This will enlarge your vision and help you to see your strengths and weaknesses in the right perspective. Armed with this pre-assessment, you can work on strengthening your weaknesses and polishing your deficiencies.

The project management institutes usually conduct a four-hour exam, which includes the following subjects.

  1. Initiation of Project
  2. Planning of Project
  3. Execution of Project
  4. Controlling of the project
  5. Closing of Project 6. Professional responsibility

These exams have 200 questions, 175 graded and 25 pre-release questions. The exam gives you questions with multiple format answers. The major subjects that stand out in the exam are the project planning, execution and control aspects, because, ultimately PMP training focuses on your commitment and visualization on how to achieve perfection and success in the social environment that you will be working in the future. For this reason, the institutes give great priority to the leadership abilities, which they regard very highly in the PMP certification exam. All PMP certification institutions, without exception, agree that the best leader will do a great job in the future for his company.

As a thumb rule, remember that your chances are bright in the exam if you correctly answer at least 137 questions out of the 200. The interesting point in this exam is that, you will obtain your results immediately on pressing the submit button.

As you are aware, answering the 137 questions will be a tough job if you have not prepared earnestly for the exam and undergone practice tests for PMP certification conducted by organizations like “skill guru,” which provide free mock tests for candidates aspiring for PMP certification. A word of advice to all project management executives; you must write the PMP certification examination at least once, and make sincere attempts to pass it, and ultimately put yourself up as a candidate worthy of promotion at your office.