July 16, 2024


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Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Pro Is The Best Software Out There For Data Recovery

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Pro Is The Best Software Out There For Data Recovery

As is said, it is no use crying for split milk. yesterday I was packing up my files, unconsciously, I deleted some priceless photos by mistake. They disappeared in the recycle-bin , So vexed and aching! Those photos recorded our happiness time during my family’s vacation to Hawaii. It means a lot to me.

I should make all efforts possible to recover them. So later I turned to one of my friend who was familiar with computer. He told me that there was a certain kind of data recovery software which was able to recover the deleted files. His words gave me a little bit of hope and then I sat up with Google and downloaded and tried a number of file recovery programs. they recover some photos for me. But it was a pity that I did not get back all my photos and some recovery photos could not be opened or previewed. kept searching and found EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard. Sent an email to their support center as proposed, ohh , their reply lay on my emailbox only a few minutes later!

They suggested me to download the demo version and have a trial of ‘DeletedRecovery’. Meanwhile, I was informed that it will show me thumbnails of the missing photos and I can choose to recover the rightly accessed ones. Just did according to their advice. “Was it the very one?” As I was thinking of this, it magically recovered all the photos and every each could be accessed. Great! Bought, and then my 97photos all back to my computer! It made someone in my family very happy!

Here, I would like to share the advice from the engineers of EASEUS: NEVER write anything new to the disk after a mis-deletion, otherwise you cannot recover your data any longer even with the help of data recovery wizard. I was badly appreciating CHENGDU YIWO Tech Development Co., Ltd., developer of EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard and their perfect customer services. EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard is Fabulous Data Recovery tool! Highly recommended!