July 16, 2024


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Dot-Painting Graffiti Machine Is Wonderfully Simple

Dot-Painting Graffiti Machine Is Wonderfully Simple

Usually, when numerous of us imagine of graffiti, we assume of artists spraying away with straightforward paint cans. Nevertheless, there’s normally a lot of tech and art that goes into the area these times. [Vitaly Tesh] designed himself a outstanding dot-painting spray rig that’s seriously fairly nifty.

The dot maker executed ably in this piece by [Vitaly].

The create commences with [Vitaly] using a heated Stanley knife to minimize absent a propeller assembly from a tiny toy drone. He then matches a compact plastic disc to the motor in location of the prop.  The disc has a cutout so that as it spins, it only lets paint to go at specified occasions. The whole deal bolts onto a regular spray can, so it can be employed with any paint colour or model that’s sought after.

The spray can paints specific dots on the wall at different distances apart, many thanks to the spinning disc. Varying the velocity of the motor or the amount at which the can is moved relative to the wall adjustments the pitch of the dots. Importantly, [Vitaly] involved a drip capture system so that paint that does not pass out of the dot aperture doesn’t leak all more than his palms or the wall, ruining the piece.

We have viewed robots set to get the job done portray murals on partitions, far too. Online video soon after the break.


[Thanks to Abe Tusk for the tip!]