July 21, 2024


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Different Benefits and Advantages of HTML5

Different Benefits and Advantages of HTML5

Website designing and development is equal to the creation of a company. As a company needs special efforts to build its client base, a website also needs special attention to get the right amount of traffic.

However, traffic generation also depends on what kinds of a website you have developed. If it is a flash website, then it may create problems while loading. But, since the advent of fifth version of HTML, almost all websites are looking to convert flash to HTML5.

HTML5 is the new kid in the block, which has been creating waves since it has been introduced. Although many people are still using the older versions of HTML, this new concept of hypertext markup language is here to stay.

If you have still not switched to this version then the below mentioned points should convince you to do so.

Smart storage options

1. Compared to any other HTML or flash version, HTML5 offers some of the best storage options.

2. It provides you the freedom of storing data on the user’s browser. Therefore, you can:

load the user’s previous data
easily store user data

3. This version also allows the user to store data across different windows.

HTML5 is primarily based on client-side data base; therefore, it offers more flexibility to the users. You can easily delete the user data without any hassle or fear.

Cleaner and easy to read code

1. Many website developers are fond of writing simple codes that are understandable and easy to rectify.
2. HTML5 allows website designers and developers to write codes that are descriptive and clean in nature.
3. Along with this, it also allows you to write semantic codes that help you to separate the style and content from its meaning.
4. With HTML5, you can easily clean your “classitis” and “divitis” by using different forms of HTML and semantic headers.
5. Therefore, it allows you to keep your markup cleaner and better organized.

Better AV support

1. One of biggest issues faced by different flash website developers is the breakdown and downtime of Flash Player.
2. However, with the introduction of HTML5, you can easily make your audio and video files accessible with their corresponding tags.
3. But, the fifth version of HTML actually considers these audio and video tags as images. You can easily define the auto play, height and width of the AV file with simple coding.
4. You might face issues using this version of HTML on some old browsers; however, you can easily take care of these problems by inserting some extra coding.

The development of game

1. Previously, it was only flash that allowed you to develop different games.
2. But, now as HTML5 has cruised its way on the floor of website designing, game development has become a piece of cake.
3. With the help of its tag, you can easily develop different interactive and mobile friendly games in a matter of minutes.

Any flash to HTML5 Conversion Company can easily help you to get the conversion done in a smooth manner owing to the amazing features of HTML5. This will not only enhance your coding experience, but will also make your website more user-friendly.