July 23, 2024


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Cisco 350-018 Exam – Boost Your Career

Cisco 350-018 Exam – Boost Your Career

As soon as some new technology or expertise is introduced, it comprises both of the merits as well as the demerits. As a matter of fact, there are such people who would be tarnishing the popularity of a particular technology or skill by corrupting or stealing vital information from it which is going to affect the reliability and functionality of the system to a great extent. The same point just mentioned above is truly applicable to the field of networking as well. Networking happens to be an exceptionally powerful and robust niche and it comes across a large number of threats and risks.

Each and every single network in the entire world is consistently under the threat from hackers and techies all around the globe. Such threats and risks have elevated to a great extent in the past few years as the information is being easily transmitted via networks is extremely vital and requires utmost level security. Cisco is a big name in the field of networking and it has been considered as a networking leader all across the globe. Cisco has been introducing a wide range of networking related technologies that have been taking care of all the security procedure and protocols as well. On the other hand, Cisco has even created various kinds of certification courses for people who prefer opting for courses or diplomas in the field of network or networking security.

A certification program from Cisco has been called as Cisco certified internet work expert and the code for this particular course program is as 350-018. This particular examination requires the candidate to have vital and significant know-how about the several concepts that essentially comprises of a syllabus. A candidate is required to score at least 70% in the exam to get through this particular Cisco certification program.

Obtaining 70 percentage is extremely easy however it asked for a little preparation regarding the exam. A prequalification exam is also included within this certification course which should be cleared by the candidate in order to attend this examination.

The exams are normally conducted at the Cisco labs that are present worldwide. The candidate needs to make sure that they acquire complete understanding and knowledge about the following concepts which are truly essential to attain this certification. The primary topics include

• point-to-point tunneling protocol

• remote authentication dial in user services

• Kerberos

• data encryption standard

• triple DES

• internet key exchange

• layer 2 tunneling protocol

• Certificate enrollment protocol

A large number of resources are posted on the World Wide Web by several other sources and they are truly helpful for the candidates to clear their exams. Training notes are also provided by the company for interested candidates.