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Best USB charging hub 2022

Best USB charging hub 2022

Best Usb Charging Hub Hero Image Steve Johnson UnsplashSource: Steve Johnson @ Unsplash

USB charging hub

A USB charging hub lets you plug in several devices to power up at once. Some plug directly into a wall outlet while others connect to your laptop. We looked at portable charging hubs and power strips that have both USB ports and power sockets. Here’s a list of the best USB charging hubs.

Best overall: Anker USB wall charger

Anker Usb Wall ChargerSource: Anker

This charging hub plugs into a wall socket. It features six USB charging ports that are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The Anker charging station powers up your devices quickly, even when all six ports are in use at the same time.

It is small to take with you once you detach the 5-foot power cord and will work with power adapters so you can use it overseas. This USB charging hub doesn’t support quick charging or wireless charging devices. And it only works with cellphones.


  • Charge six devices at once
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Portable


  • Doesn’t support quick charging
  • Only charges cell phones

Best overall

Anker Usb Wall Charger Hub

Anker USB wall charger

Staff pick

The Anker USB wall charger is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It charges up to six devices at a time without slowing down the charging progress of the other ports.

Best value: X-EDITION Dual Port USB wall charger

X-Edition Usb Wall Cahrger LifestyleSource: Amazon

The easiest USB hub to use is the X-EDITION dual-port wall charger. It looks like a regular wall adapter, and it is. But it accepts two USB chargers at once to power up more than one device at a time. It charges devices decently fast, even with more than one attached to it. And it doesn’t overheat while in use.

In this pack you get four USB charging hubs, so you can keep a charger handy in multiple rooms. They work with both Android and iOS cell phones and tablets, but won’t support laptop charging. These wall chargers also aren’t quick charging ports.


  • Won’t overheat
  • Four hubs in this package
  • Charge two devices per hub


  • Doesn’t support quick charging
  • Won’t charge laptops

Best value

X-Edition Dual Port USB Wall Charger

X-EDITION Dual Port USB wall charger

Enough for everyone

These wall USB chargers from X-EDITION come with enough for the whole family to use. Each one powers up to two devices at a time without overheating. They work with both Android and iOS devices.

Best charging station: SooPii quick charge station

Soopii Charing Station LifestyleSource: Amazon

This USB charging hub is a great way to keep all your family’s devices organized as they charge. This dock features six separate stations with a designated USB port for each. There is a holder on the front so you can safely charge your smartwatch, too.

To use the SooPii charging station, simply slip your tablet or cell phone between the plastic organizers then plug the USB charger into the dock. The dock itself is plugged into a wall socket, but it does have an on/off switch, so it’s not continually pumping power. There are anti-slip pads between each divider and on the underside of the dock. And it supports quick charging devices for Android devices. iPhone and iPad fast charging are not available. This dock also doesn’t charge laptops.


  • Supports quick charging for Android
  • Charges smartwatches
  • Anti-slip pads


  • No quick charging for Apple products
  • Doesn’t support laptop charging

Best charging station

SooPii Quick Charge Station

SooPii quick charge station

Everything in one place

The SooPii charging station supports quick charging and has a holder to charge smartwatches. With a large base and multiple ports, you can charge all your devices in one convenient place.

Best multi-use hub: KINFAYV power strip and USB charging hub

Kinfayv Power Strip LifestyleSource: Amazon

The KINFAYV power strip is a great way to power up your laptop while also charging your mobile devices. It has three traditional power sockets and four USB ports. It has surge protection and an on/off switch. The hub shell is fire resistant and rests on four non-slip nubs.

There is a 5-foot power cord to plug this hub into a wall outlet, but it is still compact and lightweight enough to easily take with you while traveling. When in use the hub shines a light that many users find too bright and disruptive, especially at night.


  • Charge mobile devices and laptops
  • Surge protection
  • Fire resistant


  • Bright light may be distracting

Best multi-use hub

Kinfayv Power Strip Usb Charging Hub

KINFAYV power strip and USB charging hub

Traditional outlets

This charging hub powers up both mobile devices and electronics that use a traditional outlet, such as laptops. Total you can charge seven devices at once, plus it’s small enough to travel with.

Best portable hub: JACKYLED quick charge USB hub

Jackled Quick Charge Usb Hub LifestyleSource: Amazon

This portable charger has four USB ports to power up multiple devices at once. It is small and conveniently designed to sit on a nightstand or side table with enough room to place charing devices around it.

The JACKYLED hub is compatible with Android and iOS devices. You can charge Bluetooth earbuds and headphones, and digital cameras with this hub, too. And it supports quick charging. The only devices you can’t charge are laptops. It can be plugged into your computer or into a wall socket to provide power to it.


  • Portable
  • Power through laptop or wall socket
  • Supports quick charging

Best portable hub

Jackyled Quick Charger Usb Hub

JACKYLED quick charge USB hub

Take it with you

The JACKYLED charging hub supports quick charge and will power up four devices at once. It’s compact and each to travel with. It can be plugged into a wall socket, or into your laptop.

A surge of info

A USB charging hub is pretty easy and straightforward to use, and each one we’ve included in our buying guide works quickly and with all types of mobile devices. It really comes down to your own personal preference. The Anker wall charger works quickly to charge up multiple devices at once. It has a 5-foot power cord and is easy to pack and take along on trips. It doesn’t support quick charging, though, which is one of the biggest setbacks of this device. Also, the only way to get power to your devices through this hub is to plug them into a wall socket. It isn’t able to be plugged into a computer or laptop for charging.

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