July 18, 2024


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Avoid Delays in Your Medicare Application by Completing Forms Correctly

Avoid Delays in Your Medicare Application by Completing Forms Correctly

When applying to become a Medicare Provider it is crucial that you complete the proper forms and that you complete them correctly. If you do not complete the proper forms correctly it can cause delays in your application and can even cause your application to be closed. If your application is closed you need to start completely over by resubmitting your application all over again.

First it is important to determine what CMS forms you need to complete. Medicare requires that you complete specific forms put out by CMS that are available on the CMS website. If you are unsure of what form you need to complete you should call someone to verify the correct form. You can call your local Medicare carrier. They can usually direct you to the correct form.

Once you are sure of the correct form, you must make sure you complete the form correctly. There are many sections to the CMS forms. Depending on the form, and they type of provider you are, you only need to complete certain sections. The forms contain directions for each section but sometimes the directions can be confusing.

Each of the forms has a checklist (Section 17) for attachments. Again, depending on the form, and they type of provider, there are some attachments that are required to accompany the application form. 

If you fail to complete a required section or attach a required document the Medicare carrier will notify you of the information that they need. Also, if you complete a section incorrectly they will notify you and give you instructions for correcting the problem. 

The Medicare Carrier will also notify you if they are missing a required form. For example, if you fail to attach a 588 EFT form which is required, they will notify you.

Each carrier has different ways that they handle the processing of the applications. Some carriers are very helpful and will send you the request for corrections and also give you a call. But others may just send one written request. If you do not respond, or do not respond correctly, they close your application. 

When applying to become a Medicare provider you should do everything possible to make sure you are completing the correct forms properly. This will make the application process quicker and easier.