July 23, 2024


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Amazon Shows Off Lofty Plans for Delivery by Drone

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Amazon Shows Off Lofty Plans for Delivery by Drone

Pictured here are attendees at a 10 November 2022 Amazon showcase event called Delivering the Future. They were viewing a VR presentation about enhancements to Amazon’s Prime Air drone delivery service. Expanding its smart drone fleet will allow Amazon to scale up its same-day delivery service so the option is available for more products in more cities.

M. Scott Brauer/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Robots in the Sewer-Worker Pipeline

There is a shortage of skilled labor to fill sewer worker jobs. But on the way to unclog the pipeline of sewer workers is the SPD1 “Spider Bot” prototype from Kyoto-based Tmsuk Co. The multi-legged robot can work alongside humans, and can be sent to work in spaces too small for humans.

Tmsuk Co

Moon Rover’s Test Run

Part of the preparation for the future moon missions to take place under the heading of the Artemis project is testing equipment such as this moon rover prototype on the volcanic soil of Black Point Lava Flow near Flagstaff, Ariz.

Olivier Touron/AFP/Getty Images

Hydrogen Canisters for Carbon-Free Fill-Ups

An engineer at GM’s Propulsion Systems Engineering Center in Pontiac, Mich., is monitoring a machine that applies a special coating to the metal canisters that will plug in to fuel cell vehicles and deliver enough pressurized hydrogen gas to keep the wheels turning for dozens of kilometers.

Steve Fecht/General Motors