July 18, 2024


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Advantages of HTML Based Websites

Advantages of HTML Based Websites

HTML is considered to be a part of history in comparison to today’s advanced Content Management Systems by most people. However, this may not be true. The decision about your website needs to be taken by you. Hence, you will have to decide whether your site needs an advanced and complicated technology or a simple and effective programming language like HTML.

HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-Up Language. It is a programming language that is used by developers around the world for formatting web pages. When used with Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript, HTML can help to make pages appear the way we want them to. Almost all the elements of a web page can be formatted using HTML. Some of the elements that HTML can format are the text on a page, headings, images, links on the page and the layout of the page. As a result, it is a preferred programming language among designers in spite of the presence of advanced languages like Cascading Style Sheets. Most businesses that have just been set up can use HTML to design and develop their site. Listed below are some of the advantages of using HTML.

Easy to Use and Understand

HTML is a popular programming language and almost everyone in the web design and development world is familiar with it. As a result it can be easy to hire an outside designer to make small changes to your site if it has been created using HTML.

Browser Compatibility

Almost all browsers that are available in the market these days support HTML. It is supported by the maximum number of browsers in comparison to other programming languages. Hence, if you design your site using this language, it will open on almost any browser around the world. Optimizing a website that has been created using HTML is also very easy.

Similarity with the XML Syntax

One of the most common platforms that are used to store data today is XML. HTML has a syntax that is very similar to XML. If your site is created with HTML, then it will be very simple to work between these two platforms.

Free of Cost

One of the biggest advantages of HTML is that it does not cost anything to use it. It is available to everyone free of cost. It also does not require any extra softwares or plug-ins. Hence you can save a lot of money if you decide to create your site using HTML.

Works on most Web Development Tools

Most web development tools like DreamWeaver and FrontPage support HTML making it easy to work with in comparison to other programming languages.

Very Search Friendly Programming Language

HTML is the most search engine friendly programming language that is available in the market today. Creating a website using HTML is very simple. You will face very few roadblocks in terms of SEO if your site is created using HTML. You can also make changes to your site easily in order to make it SEO complaint if it is created using HTML. Web crawlers can easily crawl your site if your code is clean and error free. Hence, the crawlers will not take too much time to crawl your site and this will also reduce your page load time considerably.

It is obvious that HTML has a lot of advantages. However, you cannot blindly decide that you want to design your site using this language. You need to think about what the main function of your site is going to be and then decide whether HTML is the best option for you. You need to ask yourself a few questions before taking this decision. Is your site only going to give your visitors information about the work you do? Is it going to be an eCommerce site? It is going to be a platform for you to market your business? Will content be added to your site every few hours? Will your site be an interactive site?

Once you decide what the main need of your site is, it will be easy for you to narrow down the programming language you need. In most situations, if your business is fairly new, then an HTML based website will be sufficient to begin with. HTML can make your site appear as visually appealing as any other site made using advanced technologies. Though the other technologies look attractive, you need to take an informed decision as what you decide will affect the performance of your site.

Launching and establishing a business is not an easy task. It can become very difficult for you to manage all the aspects on your own. At such times, thinking about the kind of site you need and designing it yourself can look like a burden. Once you decide on what kind of site you need and how it should appear, you can hire a professional web design company to design and create your site for you. This will take off a major load from your back and you can put in that much time and effort on other business development strategies.