July 23, 2024


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A Quick Way to Batch Convert File Extensions

A Quick Way to Batch Convert File Extensions

Just as I mentioned in the title, I will quickly come to a beautiful shortcut that I often use to convert large number of files in a folder on one double click to another type in seconds! Many of you may be already using this process for batch conversion of file extensions…. as it is that age-old “ren/rename” command that we used in Ms-Dos platform.

But its still useful in windows!

Suppose you want to convert all your .html files in “Myfolder” to .txt, now what you have to do is, write – rename *.html *.txt in your notepad and save the file as convert_htm2txt.bat (or as required, just remember to change the extension to .bat) inside “Myfolder” containing all the htmls which you want to convert to text documents.

Double click convert_htm2txt.bat…….

Voila! All the HTML files are now converted to text files in “Myfolder”

Note 1: To view file extensions (as by default, it is already not visible) besides file names view de-select “hide extensions for known file types”.

If you need to show your file extension –

Just go to My computer -> tools -> folder -> options -> views and de-select hide extensions for known file types“.

Note 2: This method is more useful converting text, doc, html etc or between other similar formats as other files PDF, PSD etc might get corrupted or show data loss and may produce negative results.

Note 3: Use this method in your own risk or do experiments to get more customized results, right click and edit the bat file as per your need, but don’t take chances and keep a backup of all your documents before playing with them…!